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What is Safecommunity?

Safecommunity is like an e-neighbourhood watch. It is a web community, which enables for people to cooperate in order to identify security risks and through cooperation to build a safer community. The collected data rearding safety risks is available to everybody through Safecommunity network and will help you detect and map the safety issues of the area of your interest. By being informed you will be more prepared and can better avoid risks in your community.

Information is disseminated unequally in the society and often the information we would like to have will be available to us too late for us to benefit from it in the best possible way. Safecommunity creates an opportunity to be systematically and on time aware of the security risks and possible problems of interest to us.

The best way to stay on top of the news in your neighbourhood is to chat with all of your neighbours over coffee ... or is it? Maybe there is a more efficient way. This is exactly the aim of Safecommunity – to make it easier to obtain systematized and chronological information on safety risks near your home, work, school or summer house. Once you have a better overview of the safety risks you will be more prepared to protect yourself, your family and your property.

The constant flow and exchange of information will also assist the efforts of supervising authority and local government, neighbourhood watch and community union and will allow you yourself to be prepared to confront the risks identified.

How does Safecommunity work?

Safecommunity operates in two ways – people are able to provide each other with useful information, but also obtain themselves useful information. This means that in case you have useful information about your home street or neighbour’s house or you know there have been bikes stolen in your neighbourhood or street lights have been broken for some time, which in turn makes the work of thieves much easier – post this information to the Safecommunity. People who see the data you posted are able to watch out for the identified dangers and the local government can plan the repair work of street light in its schedule. Safecommunity is exactly as strong as we are together and the more information we share about the dangers around us the less these can sneak up on us. Report a safety risk here siia.

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